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Nursery Grove – Paving the Way Forward
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Nursery Grove

NURSERY GROVE, Our newly completed development of 10 family homes, situated off Wainsford Road in Lymington recently had the pleasure of welcoming a team of Planners from the New Forest District Council.

Their visit was to establish areas of improvement required with new housing in the district, whilst also analysing what is working well, and therefore needing to be continued.

We received great feedback from the Planning Officer who was assigned this application when it was being determined almost two years ago.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for allowing the planning team at NFDC to have a look around the development at Wainsford Road. As discussed last week, it was a good opportunity for the planning team to have a look at some of the developments that have been built, and to assess both the pros and cons, how we can improve things etc… This could be anything from the design of buildings, materials used, landscaping etc. One of our main aims is to help create high quality developments and its always useful to look at good and bad examples of schemes. The team tour was useful because we looked at a range of sites that were successful and ones that have not worked so well.

NFDC team tour looked at some schemes at Lymington and the development at Wainsford Road was the last visit, and we were all really glad that we visited.

Overall, we all felt that the development has created a really distinctive sense of place, which has made a positive contribution to the context of the area.

I explained that the quality of the development was down to a number of factors, but working with the applicant through pre application advice and the applicants’ enthusiasm to develop a good scheme, makes a real difference.”

We would like to sincerely thank all of our wonderful team and sub contractors who have been working extraordinarily hard to complete this development, whilst also greatly appreciating the support and technical assistance offered to us by our team of Architects, Surveyors and Consultants.

Posted on: 6th September 2019
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